Sunday, 5 December 2010

Happy Christmas to me!

The old sewing machine is up for sale.

And I bought myself a new one already... it does so much awesome stuff I couldn't even have imagined that sewing machines are capable of. Suffice it to say, you pick a stitch, press go, and it just kind of happens!

Has changed sewing from choresome to awesome (lame pun, sorry!). New projects coming soon...

Jess has challenged me to cook something creative with lentils. I'm working on it! The challenges so far are a) my local supermarket doesn't even sell lentils, and b) Chris is lentil-averse - he thinks they will turn him into a hippie, or something. So, I will have a lentil recipe eventually - sorry for the delay Jess!


  1. Not a worry Kat! LOL at the lentil/hippie connection. Been there! They really are so healthy though and I now use red lentils (only the red ones cause they cook quickly) to thicken things up. Awesome for stews and pastas! Thanks for taking up the challange, looking forward to the results xo

  2. Based on what the new machine can do, some day sewing machines will take over the world...... ;)

  3. @Jess - no problems. I'm sure I'll think of something!

    @Kirsti - hahahaha! Well, it can thread itself, tie knots in the thread, start and stop itself, do fancy patterns - it's already cleverer than I am...

  4. Lentils can be hidden in soup, especially pumpkin soup. Blend it up and he will be none the wiser!

    Also, lentil burgers. In burger form, depending on the type of lentil, it actually looks a little bit like carrot. The spices will mask any "boring" flavour

    ~* Ness

  5. Heh. To be honest, he's eaten lentils in soup many a time (not that he necessarily knows that!).

    I like the idea of a meal *featuring* lentils... and the burgers might work :-)


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