Friday, 26 November 2010

I'm branded!

I am so excited!

I was thinking about how one of the reasons I've started making more of my own things is firstly, to achieve a quality product that will last (without paying for designer labels!), and secondly, to leave a little legacy. I guess the third reason is that I might one day develop a business from this... when I have some time, hahahaha.

So, I ordered some labels. I'm very happy with them. Easy2Name, if you're wondering. I've only ordered 72 at this stage, in case I decide I don't like my brand, or something...

*Some* of my readers may even be lucky enough to receive Christmas gifts featuring these labels... but of course I can't post photos of them yet, they're surprises!


  1. They're awesome!! I wonder if I could get some kind of labels made up for baked goods. Hmmmmmmmm... ;)

  2. Well, I've only seen iron-on and sew-on labels...

    But you can get rock candy made with a personal message!

  3. Well that's pretty cool... Although surely somewhere someone makes personalised ribbon - surely that's basically what the sew-on labels are, they're just cut into little pieces!!

    Considering how infrequently I bake for other people though, it's probably not worth investigating... ;)


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