Monday, 6 September 2010

Quick/easy/healthy dessert - microwave baked apples

I'm trying to eat better. I know that fruit is mostly sugar, but at least there are some vitamins in there too. So, here is the easiest winter dessert I can think of:

Get a Granny Smith apple (or another firm, tart one).
Hack a hole in it to get the core out. I know you can buy apple corers, but I'd hardly ever use one, and storage space is at a premium in my kitchen. Besides, presentation is not so important when you're hungry!
Fill up the hole with sultanas, other dried fruit, nuts, fruit mince - whatever you've got. I used sultanas, and sprinkled a little raw sugar and cinnamon powder on top.

Then microwave it for about two or two and a half minutes. It's done when the flesh is all soft inside the skin. Let it cool down for a few minutes, or you'll burn your mouth.


  1. If you want to make it less healthy, put about a teaspoon of butter on top too, which will melt through the fruit. And serve with vanilla icecream :)

    Also on my list of quick apple-related (but less healthy) desserts is getting stewed apple (or any fruit, or loads of raspberry jam), and making a toasted sandwich with it (using the sort of toastie maker that crimps the edges). Serve with cinnamon sugar sprinkled on it, and a scoop of icecream. CAUTION: FILLING HOT!

    ~* Ness (at work, can't sign into Google)

  2. Mmm, I've done something similar with grated apple (extra juice squeezed out), wholemeal bread, cinnamon sugar and a toastie maker. Yum.

    To get my dairy fix *without* making this less healthy, I'd use vanilla or Greek yoghurt.


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