Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Ovarian cancer research in Frocktober

You may not see too much of me this month...

I'll be over at my new blog, The Frocked Engineer, helping to raise money for ovarian cancer research.

Follow me over there - every day for the month of Frocktober, I'll be wearing a dress. Dresses to the supermarket, dresses to the office, dresses when I'm in the mangroves on the side of the motorway wearing steel-capped gumboots.

Yep, I'm committed to the cause.

Please follow my other blog (I'll still be back here occasionally), and donate a little money if you can. The donations are through PayPal, so it should work anywhere.

To donate, go to http://frocktober.org/donate, click the button, and type the reference number 650866 in the comments section on PayPal.

Don't forget to check out my other blog at http://thefrockedengineer.blogspot.com/!

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