Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Oh BurdaStyle... you exhaust me

I'm kind of impressed that I made a dress in an evening, though it is not the most elaborate pattern... but I'm glad to finally be back at my Brother (sewing machine)!

BurdaStyle is a wonderful German magazine... it costs about $15 and has dozens of patterns within. HOWEVER. Each pattern gets, like, 5 bullet points of instructions. Maybe. And this is what the pattern sheet looks like:

Well. How am I meant to find my two pattern pieces and trace out my size from that??? To use a fantastic stereotype, do you think they could have turned down their German efficiency just slightly, and maybe used two pieces of paper? I might add, there are as many patterns on the back of the sheet as well...

The actual dress making for BurdaStyle 06-2010-123 wasn't that exciting. It is literally two pieces of cheap orange fabric, and half a metre of elastic... But I have other plans for this pattern with some nicer material, now I have the hang of it.
So, I have proved to myself:
  1. I can make an item of clothing between dinner and bed; and
  2. BurdaStyle is nearly, but not quite, incomprehensible.
To borrow from Winston Churchill, "We shall not fail or falter; we shall not weaken or tire...
Give us the tools and we shall finish the job."

Actually I AM kind of weakening and tiring... BurdaStyle, you exhaust me, but I love you anyway.


  1. Far out... That's just terrifying...

  2. Terrifying... but truly good value, considering there are more than 50 patterns for $15.

    Most of them are not extraordinarily difficult, but I wouldn't recommend it if you actually need a step-by-step through the basics!

  3. The individual patterns are actually very easy to find. Look at the directions for individual pattern. It says at each pattern it is for example - BLUE pattern outlines, sheet B, pattern pieces 1 to 6. So now open up sheet B, and locate the individual numbers (in BLUE color!) on the EDGES of the sheet. When you find the number go either horizontally or vertically across the sheet, until you find the number 1 there. It is that simple!!!! Burda's patterns are the best out there. And I do prefer to add seam allowances myself, as when I do more complex projects it helps to see where the seam is sepouse to be. Good luck, Leni

  4. Thanks Leni! I didn't know you could follow the numbers across the page. That should make it easier.

    I find it is difficult seeing the different colours/line types beneath my tracing paper, but I am having trouble finding more see-through stuff.

    Ideally, I'd use carbon paper and a tracing wheel, but you can't get carbon paper in New Zealand.

    I do agree that the Burda patterns are best :-)


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