Friday, 6 August 2010

This is why I cook

I'm freakin' tired.
Tiredness still doesn't make this look like a delicious meal.


  1. I think that looks pretty delicious! But I have been eating nothing but canned beans so everything pretty much looks delicious!

  2. Maybe the photo doesn't quite convey the dehydrated peas, slimy stroganoff sauce, and the smell that still hasn't left my flat this morning... but I can see how it might look good next to neverending canned beans!!

  3. :)
    Doesn't look too different from what I ate for dinner. Bummer.

  4. If frozen tiny portions are what you want to eat, go for it!

    I think my problem was one of unmet expectations... I *wanted* tastier food, but didn't put in the effort - it was completely down to my own laziness!

  5. Wow, what IS that?!?!?!?!

  6. That was me, by the way, Kat. I forgot to sign it.
    ~* Ness

  7. Hahaha Ness it was some kind of Weight Watchers meal... stroganoff, I think. I just find it hard to motivate myself to cook properly when it's only me at home!

  8. when it's just me at home, i like to make an asian vege broth, otherwise i am always tempted to go down this road, as well.

    Recipe (kind of)
    1/2 serve dried organic udon noodles
    chicken stock cube
    various veges (bok choy, broccoli, capsicum and carrots are the best, though)
    a tin of plain tuna or chicken. Otherwise, any left over cooked meat, or 6 prawns

    So, I just boil up the noodles according to the instructions, adding the veges at the end for just long enough to tenderise them. Meanwhile, I put the meat in the bottom of a bowl. If your prawns are frozen, you'll have to throw them in with the veges.
    Drain noodles and veges, throw in bowl.
    Put stock cube in 1 cup hot water, pour it on top. You can substitute a ready-made asian sauce (like teriyaki or something) instead of stock cube, or even just soy sauce.

    It's actually pretty delicious, very filling, and healthy. If you need to, you can eat it with a bread roll, I guess, but I'm always stuffed after I eat it.

  9. oh, i remembered something else that i whip up if i'm the only one home for dinner and i need something healthy (so i don't get yelled at when i go to the gym next).
    I bake a potato - start it in the microwave for 5 min. then put a half tin of baked beans in it, throw it back in the microwave for 2 minutes. THEN put a sprinkle of cheese (and some chicken/tuna/ham, if you want) on top, and put it in the oven for 5-10 minutes.

  10. Thanks for the soup recipe Meggies! I might give it a go soon.


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