Monday, 2 August 2010

My food biography

The Age had an article last week about writing your food biography.

It is a chronological list of 10 dishes that sum up your life. They don't need to have been favourites, or home-made.

I thought it sounded interesting, so here is mine:

  1. SPC tinned fruit salad (always with only one cherry). I remember eating it for dessert, usually with vanilla icecream. I also remember arguing with my sister about who got the cherry, and the argument occasionally ending in tear.
  2. Wholemeal sandwich with grated carrot and Vegemite. This was lunch at school. I think it must have been some weird Kiwi thing courtesy of Mum. She used to feed us sandwiches with chips (crisps) on "special occasions", but they were awful...
  3. Chow mein. I hate cabbage. This was another food that could bring tears to the eyes of me and Megan. I think Mum was the only one who liked it, and she kept cooking it to make her point.
  4. Roast lamb with salty boiled vegetables. We used to stay with our grandparents in Melbourne during school holidays, and this was pretty standard fare. Grandad carved the roast, and Grandma boiled the life out of the vegetables whilst adding heaps of salt. I loved staying there, and I loved the lamb because I don't remember ever having roast at home. But I will never love mushy, salty vegetables.
  5. Fish and chips. It was a long way to town from where we lived. The nearest town was a good 10 minutes away, but their chips weren't up to our standards. So we travelled 20 minutes to Daylesford in the Lada, and sat at the lake eating the food while our windows steamed up.
  6. Lasagne. Just reminds me of birthdays - this was always my special request.
  7. Dad's stuff. That is what that dish has been and forever will be called. It is made with spiral pasta, bolognese sauce with a touch of chilli, a tin of tomatoes and then baked in the oven with heaps of cheddar cheese on top. I guess Dad came up with the recipe, and this is still a staple. I request it whenever I go home!
  8. Trifle. I loved this dessert. There was a brief period at the turn of the century when Mum and I worked at the council together. I remember one of the planners almost wetting himself when Mum said she was making trifle. Apparently it's an 'old lady dessert'?!
  9. Risotto. This was from when Mum branched out a little more with recipes in the late 90s, though we always had a good selection of food. When I realised it was a one-pot dinner, I made it regularly at college and impressed my co-habiters.
  10. Thai green curry. This was one that Ness, Kirsti and I learnt while in Thailand. I loved that I could make the authentic recipe upon my return, and I even grow my own herbs for it now.
Also, cakes. Mum was good at cakes.

What's your food biography?


  1. Wow, I dunno if I could do that, will have to have a good think about it I reckon. Some are favourites, some are things I had a lot of. In no particular order btw.

    1. Trifle - yes Kat, had to mention trifle too. I love it so much! Don't worry, you aren't the only one to enjoy it and I still make it how Mum taught me how to make it.
    2. Lemon Lime and Bitters (LLB) - not necessarily a food but a drink that was THE drink to have and I perfected the art of making them rather well.
    3. ANZAC bikkies - there was never a year went by without making these numerous times throughout the year.
    4. Honey Joys - enough said.
    5. Fairy bread - Unfortunately now I find that it is a bit too sugary for me.
    6. Crispy Crunchies - something Chantal and I first made out of the Cookery the Australian Way book and Nan took on with a fever.
    7. Nan's fruit cake - known only as that, and every year for Christmas we were given a new one.
    8. Mum's lamb roast with veg - cannot, and I mean, cannot, go past Mum's roast lamb.
    9. Ice cream - now I prefer eating Cold Rock where I can Choose It, Mix It and Smash It but Peters Original or Bulla sorts were always in the freezer growing up.
    10. Mei Goreng Noodles / Maggi Two Minute Noodles - we grew up on two minute noodles. This graduated to Mei Goreng noodles by uni.

    11. I know there shouldn't be an 11, but throughout all my life, chocolate has played its part to fill in 5 minutes every day or so. The one sweet thing I will never be able to give up.

  2. That's a good list Sam! I don't know what a Crispy Crunchie is though. I do remember a lot of Honey Joys at primary school.


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