Thursday, 12 August 2010

Is your spare time a waste of time?

Okay, so my other life is not always scintillating. That’s fine. Could you imagine a life where EVERY SINGLE SECOND was incredibly exciting? You’d be exhausted! And probably not have any clean clothes or dishes, because sometimes those things just have to happen.

However, there are some things that I completely don’t understand people spending their spare time on. I know, we all have different interests. Everything is good in moderation. Blah blah blah. I want to know why people regularly set aside precious spare time for the following:

Pay TV. 
Regular TV is rubbish, but at least it’s free. Also, there is some possibility of seeing your workmates on it.

I only have access to pay TV when I stay in motels (rarely). I always end up watching repeats of the shows that screen on free TV anyway. In an era where obesity is prevalent and money is tight, why do people spend upwards of $600 a year on this?

Libraries are free. So is imagination.
I will freely admit that I am bad at running, and not allowed to partake anyway in my current state of health. 

And I totally understand keeping fit – playing sport, doing Zumba, or something else that’s fun. If it's not fun, it's not a hobby, right?

Is running fun? It certainly doesn’t look like it. I prefer to call it ‘fleeing’, because it appears that people are running *away* from something, with a mouth-wide-open look of horror on their face.
Going to the snow.
Skiing. Or snowboarding. Sorry, I just don’t like the cold. For the cost of a week at the snow, you could have a week on a tropical island. I have no idea what would make people choose the first option.

When and where I grew up, going to the snow was a fairly elitist activity. There isn’t much snow in Australia, and the ski-fields comprise the five most expensive ski destinations on earth. (I don’t know how it compares to those *off* earth).

So, it’s cold, and it costs a lot. Not to mention the avalanches, falling off cliffs, and killing yourself on rocks and trees. None of those things ever happen in Rarotonga...
Facebook Messenger.
Really??? Skype is free, and it is SO HARD to type a conversation to someone. You always end up typing over each other, it takes too long, it involves txt spk. Gah!
I would LOVE for you guys to tell me why people spend time and money on these things... or tell me what hobbies you don’t understand.


  1. Rolf, great post.

    I agree with you on just about all of those! T.V. full stop. It is so easy to get sucked into things you just don't need to watch, it takes up so much time and doesn't really contribute anything hey?

    I don't get washing cars. I really don't. Not on a regular bases anyway - I mean how long before thsey get dirty again really??

    Ummm, computer games, golf (it makes me angry), shopping - most types of shopping shits me. You end up feeling ugly or broke or both.

    Football also confuses me, but I am really not a sport kinda girl. It just seems so many people are into it!!

  2. I use FB chat because I don't have the download limit to be able to Skype!!

    Ditto Jess' comment on the golf front - it applies to both playing AND watching. Total snorefest. AND for the really good clubs, you can pay upwards of $20,000 for membership...

    Also feel the need to mention rugby league. Uuuuuuuggggggghhhhhhh...

  3. hahahahaha! Oh dear Kat, I do have to disagree on a couple of fronts here. But hey, free speech and all that, and I appreciate your honesty.

    But I disagree on two fronts:

    1. Running. Trust me, once upon a time I would have agreed with you pretty quickly, I couldn't stand it, and still don't always like the full-blown types that run for like km's at a time. But me, when I was fully into training for the Army, I would do a combination of sprints and jogs each night, as well as pushups, situps and other small muscular training stuff. I usually spent 3/4 of an hour total doing this - 20 mins jogging (sprinting does wonders for you and you see results so quickly!) and it meant that after spending 10 hours a day at work, I didn't have to take up too much spare time to get fit. And I did. People are under the impression you need to jog kms to get results but if you partake in sprints, then you only spend a 1/4 of the time running for the same results, and then if you wanna jog for a few k's, you will be able to do it easily.

    Going to the snow - I loved it at home. Then again, I loved the snow when it snowed at home, and I also always loved winter to summer. You could always put more clothes on in winter but not always take them off in summer. And yes, skiing was elitist but when I went, I loved it. And so Dale and I will be going when we come down south. Well, cross country skiing but it's a cool way to go hiking.

    But each to their own, so its strange that we live in Darwin (tropical weather) and you live in Auckland (somehwat colder weather) yet we like the opposite! :-)

  4. Snow is crap. I always fall over.

    I run a lot. But because I have to, to stop being so obese, not because it's an exciting hobby. I prefer to use the bike and do weights, though. Actually, I get excited when it's Personal Training night.

  5. Jess - right there with you!

    Kirsti - that is an acceptable excuse for Facebook chat! I'll forgive you :-)

    Sam - would you consider running a fun way to spend time though? Or just a means to an end?

    Meegs - yep, that's what I reckon about running. You wouldn't do it if you didn't have to :-)

  6. I'm going to have to disagree on all of them, in certain circumstances, but I can certainly see why you'd feel the way you do!

    PAY TV - I personally don't want it at this point in my life and believe that it's a vaccum of precious time (I barely watch free to air), but friends who had a baby got it when he was born, because it means having something to help maintina your sanity when your brain is fried at 3:30am and you have a screaming baby in your arms. Can't say that I can see any other valid reason for it, though.

    RUNNING - Hated it for most of school. And then in year 12 I decided to train for cross country with my friend Al, and the fitter I became the more I enjoyed it. If you can slug it out the first 3-4 sessions you actually get a really satisfying high from it, and it only gets better as you get fitter. Just because they look like they're struggling doesn't mean they aren't enjoying themselves. I really miss it :(
    SNOW - One word (and it's probably not in the dictioanry): WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate cross-country skiing with a firey, firey passion, but downhill is WICKED. And the cold doesn't really get to you - you'd be surprised how much you warm up letting gravity do its thang!

    FB MESSENGER - I prefer Skype chat or Skype full stop (FB keeps freezing on me or telling people have gone offline when that's clearly not true), but not everyone has it. Also, more people automatically log onto FB than Skype when they turn their computer on so it's easier to use it to stay in touch.
    GOLF - have only played it once, and loved it. I was crap at it, but I loved it. Most of it was probably because I was on a deserted country course on a gorgeous autumn day with great friends, and someone who was crapper at it than me! I plan to give it another go, and soon.


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