Monday, 30 August 2010

I wonder what happens now I'm 27?

It was my 27th birthday on the weekend. I don't mind getting older, but I'm bored bored bored. I feel like SOMETHING needs to happen - but I have no idea what!

So, here are five interesting things that happened while I was 26:

Patong Beach... cocktails for 100 baht - woohoo!
  1. I (kind of) accepted that I do actually live in New Zealand. For the past two and a half years, I've been all "yeah, I'll go back to Australia eventually. Or at least go somewhere that isn't New Zealand." Well, unless an aircraft engineer job somewhere more interesting falls into Chris's lap, I guess we aren't going anywhere outside of a commuting distance to South Auckland.
  2. PHUKET!!!!!! Okay, so I had never been overseas before (I figure that Australia and New Zealand are more or less one country). I do not have and never have had any money, which makes travelling (and all kinds of other stuff) difficult. Nessa, Kirsti and I had a very fun 10 days... and took pride in NOT being the tourists that everyone hates.
  3. I got a job back in construction (not that we've started building anything yet)... but it's the job I need to get ahead at work. CPEng here I come...
  4. I'm getting more confident at cooking - nothing has overwhelmed me yet, and I look forward to having the energy to do more! I still know sod all about sewing, but I'm trying to try.
  5. Oh, and this blog. I like this internet thing they have on computers now!
Beer Fest in Ellerslie. If I must live in NZ, at least I get to drink good beer (thanks Uncle Mike!)
I'm not sure what I'm expecting or hoping for this year... but something's gotta change. If something exciting doesn't happen soon, I'm outta here! (Outta where? I don't know, it's just a saying). Maybe I'm just having a bad day. Meh, I'm sure tomorrow will be better!


  1. Can't believe Phuket was less than a year ago - are you SURE we haven't known each other for ten years???? ;)

    Right there with you on the boredom factor and something needing to change. Oh well. If nothing does, at least we've got Christmas to look forward to!!

    Happy birthday, lovey!! xx

  2. Don't you mean "Can't believe PHUKET!!!!!!! was less than a year ago"? ;)

  3. Kirsti, I am SO EXCITED to see you at Christmas. Though Chris is concerned that he is signing up to spend several weeks hanging out with my friends (that would be terrible!).

    I do indeed mean PHUKET!!!!, if PHUKET!!!! was in giant pink bold letters :-)

  4. Yes, I too mean PHUKET!!!!!! I just couldn't be arsed typing it that way...

    Kat - we may have to start a countdown til Christmas in a month or so... ;)


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