Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Dirty dishes, 80s makeup, and Graves' disease

Sometimes my other life is boring.

So to cheer you up, here is my cocktail time makeup with party time hairdo (just so you know, I was wearing Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds perfume. It seemed appropriate somehow):
So, today I have:

  1. done dishes;
  2. put on crazy 80s makeup; and
  3. found out that I apparently have two options to maintain my "health" - take toxic pills every day, or ingest the same radiation that killed kids in Chernobyl.
What can I say - I hope your day has been better than mine! How do you spend your Wednesday evenings?


  1. Usually, two hours at the gym. But tonight, Combat was cancelled, so I got to come home and watch the Simpsons followed by Farmer Wants a Wife!

    Love the make up - although I feel there were insufficient quantities of blusher... ;)

    And the rest just sucks xxxx

  2. I tried with the blusher! I actually used red lipstick, because obviously I don't actually own makeup that looks like that.

    I'm just grumpy because my two options (followed by the 'do nothing' option, which will obviously make me sicker) are not a great selection. Apparently surgery may also be an option - woohoo! Hahaha I'm sure I'll be fine.

  3. Yeah, that does suck. I guess they suggest the drugs first because they're less invasive and generally reversible. I'm on beta-blockers for life (granted, not toxic like your ones, but the "makes your circulation crap" side-effect finally kicked in during a recent bout of cold weather, and the blood flow to my fingers has been so bad a few times in the last 2 weeks that they've gone white and numb and taken lengthy application of warm water to come good again!), and will have an ICD replaced every 4-8 years for life, and both of those things are, in my case, better than having a nerve in my heart cauterised. That's permanent, and in my book, permanent is scary and invasive and sometimes still doesn't work. I was tempted by the the concept because it meant none of the other stuff, but is considered a radical treatment and not necessarily reliable. But I guess if you're sick all the time and it's your best bet, go for it. I suppose mine doesn't affect me **every single day** the way yours does.

    Sexy makeup!!! I play with eyeliner once in a while when i'm home on my own, but I don't know whether it's the shape of my eyes, or how unco I am, but it never comes out right! Hair, too. Perhaps I don't approach with quite enough reckless abandon and courage...

    ~* Ness (at work, can't access Google account)

  4. Yes, I think you need to just set the "makeup gun to whore" and enjoy it! I thought I looked like a clown, and yet the photographs make it look like an almost sensible level of makeup (although not a sensible style!)...


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