Saturday, 21 August 2010

Chocolate sludge cake - the making of

Looks good, but what will it taste like?
We are going to Tauranga on Sunday to celebrate Merrill's birthday (Chris's mum), and to see his sister Louisa who was visiting from Wellington. I'm bringing cake!

I love cake-making but can hardly ever justify it. With only two people in the house, the cake either goes stale (rarely) or goes into our bellies much too fast (usually). Chris helped me make this cake by eating sandwiches whilst sitting in the lounge on his newly acquired car seat.

My recipe comes from the current Foodtown magazine. What a dork, I know - buying the own-brand supermarket cooking magazine. I guess there isn't much room for Vogue in my life!

The cake was suprisingly easy to make, and actually less full of 'bad foods' than I thought. It actually doesn't have any butter or oil. Of course, any healthiness in the cake is more than made up for by the ganache topping.

This site gives some good hints on ganache. It's really just chocolate melted with fat, be it butter or cream. Also works well as a fruit dipping sauce, or on icecream.

The recipe didn't work exactly as advertised for me. Firstly, a 23cm tin is way too small. I used a spring-form tin, and there was too much cake (though I persisted, and ended up with cake mix baking on the bottom of the oven). Secondly, it took more than an hour and a half to cook, but that may have been because my tin was too small.

Cheapo food processor
Also, my kitchen is miniscule, and I have neither money nor space for a food processor like the recipe says. It's such a runny cake mix that a couple of minutes with the wooden spoon is good enough.

Tomorrow, the eating begins... stay tuned for the results!


  1. Awesome. Today is the day I decided to stop eating junk, and today is also the day you post that. Damnit! *shakes fist*

  2. Bahahaha! And I hardly EVER post about cakes... if it makes you feel better, a very thin slice is enough!

  3. From 'her whom cake was made for'(aka Merrill ); 'its one beautiful looking and delicious healthy chocolate cake . Thanks Kat for my birthday cake !'

  4. No worries, Merrill! I'm glad it worked out well.


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