Wednesday, 7 July 2010

How does one find the time?

My friend Sam wrote a wonderful blog post about doing what makes you happy in life, even if you find yourself having to justify it to others.

I was so pleased to get a mention! Sam has the impression that I get a lot done outside of the office life. She knows probably better than I do, that being an engineer can be a heck of a lot of work. And sometimes you wonder why you bother.

So how DOES one find the time?

Yesterday at work I was thinking about all the stuff I wanted to do when I got home, but knew that it wouldn't all happen. The first hour (or more) of being home is the vacuuming-washing up-scrubbing-laundry-dinner preparation time. I guess I'd have more time if I just didn't care about that stuff, but unfortunately for me, I do.

I also have a thyroid disease that has destroyed my metabolism (and thus, my energy). And a partner who I only get to see every second week due to his shift work - meaning that the weeks that I see him, I want to do nothing more than spend time with him.

But all of these are excuses. I have always had other interests, as you can see from my blog posts. There are other things too - exploring, taking photos, catching up with friends, reading.

The answer is that I MAKE the time, because:

  • My job is interesting, but it's not my life;
  • I am never going to earn enough money to make it worth giving up my fun for more work;
  • I don't ever want to be one-dimensional, like so many people who can't see beyond their job, their children, the end of their own nose;
  • If something goes wrong at work, I can think to myself "oh well, at least last night's dinner was lovely"... and vice versa;
and the list goes on.

This is why my blog is The Engineer's Other Life. What's your other life?

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