Sunday, 25 July 2010

Coffee buns

This is my first foray into The Blue Cookbook. It came from a "16-page zip-away to keep!" Does anyone else remember those?

So here is the recipe (click to enlarge). Check out the date! Why did my mother choose to start baking her own bread when she was 7 months pregnant (with me)??
I only made some very minor modifications. Note that the milk needs to be lukewarm (about body temperature) for this to work. I used a whole lemon for the zest, because I couldn't think of anything I needed a half-zested lemon for. It also didn't need to bake for anywhere near as long as 25 minutes. Go by whether they *look* cooked, not what the time says.

And they were fabulous. This is the first time I have made a bread product that looks and feels like it's from a commercial bakery (although mine taste better!). Very proud.
As an added bonus, please enjoy these two advertisements from the same "zip-away". All comments appreciated.
Mmm, smoking makes my freshly baked bread taste SOOOOO much better...
At my next special event, I'm going to wear the cocktail time makeup combined with the party time hair.


  1. Are you going to wear the same amount of blush as Cocktail Carrie? Because it appears that you'd need an entire container of blush to achieve that look!! ;)

  2. I will recreate every detail, right down to her "Blue Steel" look. And I will post a photo.

  3. Awesome, shall have to have a try.... :-)

  4. Good luck Sam! There wasn't really any trick to them - the instructions were good. Just make sure you've got somewhere nice and warm to speed up the rising process.

    And don't start baking them at 7pm. Unless you want to be up until midnight...

  5. Awesome! I am in the process of trying to get my bread right. Will give these a go and see if they turn out any better than my last attempt (which tasted like yeast!)

    Still waiting on that photo....! I'm wondering how your going to do the hair yourself?

  6. Jess, I have no idea how to do that hair. Or makeup for that matter. But I think I really have to now - I might have promised more than I can deliver!

    It seems that the longer you leave it to rise each time, the less yeasty it tastes. I think the key to the texture lies in the inclusion of egg and milk - those proteins seem to keep the bread soft (it's still not stale after 3 days in an airtight container). The recipes that only use water seem to turn out dry and tough.


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