Friday, 23 July 2010

The Blue Cookbook

So, my mum was a really good cook. I mean
really good. I can’t remember her ever making anything bad, except for when she was trying out recipes and they just weren’t that nice. No reflection on her cooking skills at all.

After she passed away, for some reason, the one memento I really wanted was “The Blue Cookbook”. It’s really just a folder full of recipes that Mum collected, from 1979 (just before she got married!) until a few years ago. Every single recipe in there was attempted at least once, and the really good ones became staples.

Most of the recipes were from Women’s Weekly, Family Circle, New Idea, etc. However, some are from friends, and at least one or two were from an elderly lady whose house was maintained by Mum when she worked for the council.

I have decided to finally try my hand at some of these recipes. It’s not quite Julie & Julia – I don't promise to try all the recipes, and certainly not within a year. But it is one little opportunity to feel closer to Mum, and maybe like she can still teach me something.


  1. My mum has one the same, except contained in a photo album with Niagara Falls on the front. Some of the recipes are great, and some (like a recipe for thicker than usual jelly so that you can cut it into animal shapes with cookie cutters!) are a bit scary...

    And now that Dad's doing all the cooking, he's got a folder too! Although I think a lot of that is stuff he's ripped out of magazines with the intention of making, but never actually gotten around to...

  2. i want the blue cookbook too! oh well, maybe you can post some of the recipes?

  3. Kirsti, that jelly one sounds gross. But it also sounds like something that would show up at a kids birthday party. Good effort by your dad though!

    Meegs, I'll definitely be posting some of the recipes. I just baked one now (icing goes on tomorrow morning, blog post follows sometime after that). There were heaps of other good cookbooks at Dad's though, maybe you could have a search through them?


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