Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Simplicity 2614 and the sewing fairy

Sewing again!
I finished my latest project, Simplicity 2614, this evening. I've been working on this little top since the weekend. The "sewing fairy" paid me a visit, which I'm sure made ALL the difference!

This time, I decided to do the *best* job I could, not the fastest! Usually when I start on a pattern it's because I want the clothes to be done the same day. So firstly, I traced my size pattern pieces out, instead of hacking into the delicate tissue. I felt good about preserving the pattern!

I also did LOTS of ironing. I've spent my whole life avoiding this, but for some reason owned an iron. I bit the bullet and got an ironing board too. To be honest, it was easier to sew the ironed fabric anyway.

I tried french seams.
I tried bias binding.
I tried out Kat 2.0.
All things I've never used before.

I'm actually pretty pleased with the result! Cotton voile is a little hard to sew with - it's a loose weave and very light, meaning that it slips around and frays like you wouldn't believe. But I'm happy with the top, the fit, and the pattern in general. It could probably be a little longer. I'd make this one again, maybe in a different sleeve style as shown on the package.

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