Friday, 7 May 2010

Other sewist's blogs

I'm learning all the time - Ancora Imparo, as the motto (of my university) goes.

For example, one thing I've learned is that we 'internet sewing folk' refer to ourselves of sewists. Makes sense, when the alternative is to call oneself a sewer.

I've also learned that other sewists have some wonderful blogs. At worst they are entertaining, and at best - inspiring. A blog that I especially love right now is Sew Fit, by my sistah sewist engineer Aminat! I doubt that there are many working, sewing engineers out there, but I'm glad I've discovered this one. Her sewing is lovely and achievable, and her honesty about fit and the occasional loss of sewing mojo are definitely worth reading about. Plus, she's gorgeous, proud of it, and good at knowing what clothes work on her. Totally inspirational for me.

Hopefully this weekend I'll get onto another project. I bought a little something special to help out...

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