Sunday, 2 May 2010

Making my wardrobe unique

I think everyone genuinely has moments when they think "hmm, I actually am not happy with the selection of clothing that is available for sale". Even guys have this problem from time to time, right?

In New Zealand, there is not a lot of variety in the shops. There's Glassons, Farmers (NOT the answer to Myer that Kiwis think it is), Portmans, Dotti, and Supre. There are a few designers in some of the nicer suburbs. However, as there is so little competition everything is really overpriced.

I'm working on a couple of solutions to my problem at the moment. I could just stop shopping, but that is not going to happen!

I've always worn a lot of vintage clothes. There is a style or era that suits everyone, and it's not necessarily the current one. Op-shopping here has fallen victim to the lack of *new* clothing that is available - i.e. it is generally poor quality, generic brand stuff.
But since discovering Etsy, I have to keep a tight hold on my credit card. The vintage stuff is collected from around the world, due to the nature of the site. The second hand clothes cost no more than you would expect locally. Postage is extra, of course, but worth it for the variety that is available.

Plus, the sellers have been, without exception, lovely. They have are helpful, friendly, and only sell things they would wear themselves. I love these boots so much, I have been wearing them constantly since my wonderful parcel arrived in the mail!
Think of it as reducing your carbon footprint - yes, there is some small carbon cost to the postage, but old clothes are not being wasted...


  1. some cute jewellery, made by someone i work with. i bought some from her the other day.

  2. Very impressive Kat, I dabble now and then making clothes but don't have the staying power and have many items have finished! I too love the vintage patterns, the Mod era is my fav. Love your label and branding, so cool.

  3. Thanks Alli, yes I know what you mean about not quite getting there... if only we didn't have day jobs!


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