Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Winter food

Tonight's cooking experiment is a hearty lamb soup.

It's based on lamb hocks - or legs, for those who call a spade a spade. These came from my colleague Rick's farm, so I know they're quality. Because he sells them for a good price, I'm inclined to be a little more experimental in my cooking than I would normally be.

I've added some soup mix (barley, lentils etc) and a tin of tomatoes, some curry powder, beef stock, celery, onion, potato, carrot and garlic.

Hopefully, it will taste as good as it smells right now.

What do you like to cook when the nights are dark and cold?


  1. Soup. Lasagne. Risotto. Enchiladas. Well, the last is just in my head, because making an entire pan of enchiladas just for me would be overkill. But that's totally not the point!!!

  2. Mmm, nice. I like your style, Kirsti!

    I think soup is the only comforting winter food that is NOT loaded with carbohydrates - but I'm open to hearing any other healthy suggestions.

  3. Just so you all know, the soup was delicious :-)


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