Thursday, 29 April 2010

Dress-ups - not just for children...

For years now, I've been stealing clothes from my dad's mum. It's great:

They are free.
They are unique.
They fit me (some better than others).

The colours suit me.
My grandma thinks I'm mad to be wearing her old clothes, but who knows - she might have thought I was mad anyway!


  1. Me stealing clothes from either of my grandmothers would require me losing about 20 kilos on one side, and having a love of dresses featuring liquorice allsorts patterns on the other!!!

  2. Hahaha yes, I need to lose a few kilos to fit into Grandma's less polyester, more couture clothes.

    I don't think my other Grandma kept her clothes, but I've seen the photos of the knee high boots and pleather minis... I'm okay with the fact that they're not available!


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