Monday, 12 April 2010

10 things I love about life in 2010

Today, I only have time for a quick post.

I've spent the last few days with my Dad and Grandma over from Australia. Talking to Grandma makes me think about the things that are great about life in 2010 - not just for me, but in general. The things that I like were not invented this year, but the combination of technologies available is awesome. Ask me in another 10 years, and I'm sure I'll have a new list.

  1. Email conversations with strangers. My friend Kirsti sent a one line email to about half a dozen of us today, baffled that a Masters degree in vampire literature is now available, thanks to Twilight. I sent a snarky response back to the group, regarding my future plans to complete a PhD in Sweet Valley High. Over several hours, everyone on the email list added their two cents worth, even though we don't all know each other or have any idea what each other would be offended/amused by. Cheap entertainment, what can I say.
  2. Adults loving kids movies and pretending it’s all about the technology. This has been happening for quite a while now (Shrek, Toy Story), but Avatar took it to whole new levels. Pretend that you're impressed by the computer work if you like, but I know that secretly you just love wearing silly glasses and looking at the pretty pictures.
  3. Blogging and blogs. It's great to share stories and photos with family and friends... but it's even more fantastic to meet new people and learn things, or merely be amused by other people's stories. The internet is a more open and accessible community than ever - contrary to what sensationalist news stories say about the dangers of the world wide web.
  4. Being able to email/upload high resolution photos instead of describing everything you see. I guess this goes with blogging, but a picture really is worth a thousand words. And anyone else who remembers what dial-up internet was like will definitely appreciate broadband, when it comes to photography!
  5. Air travel price and comfort allowing my 82 year old grandmother to travel to visit me overseas. My colleagues and friends have expressed some amazement that Grandma would come all the way over here for a holiday. It was great. Thanks to the efficiency of today's air travel, she can afford to do it. And because of the in-flight entertainment options, food preparation, and airport designs, it's more comfortable than ever for an older person to fly.
  6. Etsy. TradeMe and eBay are great, but I love that Etsy is purely devoted to handmade and genuine vintage items. Because of the global nature of the site, you can get things you would never find locally. It's fab.
  7. Mobile phones for work. I couldn't care less about them at home - I think I spend about $5 a month on my prepaid. However, my job would be incredibly inefficient and darned near impossible without mobile phones. How would I call subcontractors for help when attending a car crash? How would we gather the troops when there is a tsunami alert? How would I communicate urgent problems back to the office when I'm out on site?
  8. Google. What can I say? It gives me information, I can make it talk to me in Swedish Chef language (bork bork bork), it hosts my blog and email for free, I use its maps (also for free) to help make my job and my life easier... I could go on.
  9. Online DVD library. It's cheap, I don't end up with late fees, there are thousands of movies to choose from, and I can pick them from home and have them posted to my mailbox. What's not to love?
  10. Wikipedia. Okay, so it's not always right, but it is up to date, and there is no better single website for settling bets and arguments.
Have I missed anything?


  1. The online DVD library is great in theory, but I still love walking into the fluorescent-lit, scabby-carpeted DVD store (which I still call the video store!) and perusing the shelves, glancing at the posters, staring, slack-jawed at whatever movie is playing on the TV for a bit, and then chatting to the socially inept movie nerds behind the counter (who I initially thought were limited to geeky, spotty-faced teens, until I discovered there are several unmarried middle-aged men in this occupation... perhaps there's a link here?) and paying entirely with 5c pieces, because you know if you flirt just a little you can get away with it.

    I reckon chilli in a tube is one of the great inventions of the modern era - it's really only been mainstream for around 5 years or so, and it stops you from getting chilli on your hands... and then in your eyes!

    I also give Skype a massive nod for enabling me to see my man's smiling face every night when he is 3,064km from me by road, or a 3.5 hour flight followed by about the same driving.

  2. Hahahaha I still call it the video store too! I don't even own a video player. We don't have 5c pieces here, so I just stick to EFTPOS.

    And I'm not so sure about tubed chilli. Only because it has a lot of ingredients that aren't chilli.

    But yes, Skype is good.


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