Monday, 29 March 2010

In the beginning...

...there was Thai.

I love my Thai garden. It's not so much a garden as it is three terracotta pots. However, they do have plants growing in them.

After Beautiful Cowboy Nessa, Kirsti, and I returned from Phuket last year, I decided to grow some Thai herbs. They are kind of expensive in the shops, and of course somewhat lacking in taste.

Pum's cooking class taught us how simple and beautiful real Thai food could be... hence the Thai garden, and my irrational love for the lumps of granite known as "mortar" and "pestle".

Initially, I didn't have a great deal of success with Thai basil. Probably because I forgot to water it. I'm sure this plant will fare better.

I've also got a kaffir lime tree on the go. It started off as a stick with leaves - now it is a stick with some tiny branches and leaves. It doesn't seem to require water, which is fortunate.

The chilli plant was purchased on my lunch break last Thursday, while I was doing site inspections with Sam, vacation work engineer supremo. I hope I haven't wrongly given her the impression that all engineers buy vegetation in their lunch breaks.

Soon, I'll put together a post on my version of Pum's curry paste.


  1. Welcome to the Blogosphere!! :) K xx

  2. Thanks Kirsti! I always thought blogs were for nerds, but the last time I considered one was about 8 years ago when they pretty much *were* the domain of super-geeks...


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