Monday, 29 March 2010

Broderie bloom tutorial

I've gotten all inspired to create. As there is only so much I need to create for myself, I think my next move will be to open an Etsy store.

But tonight, I just made one little flower. It took ages, but only because I cooked dinner and watched television at the same time. I'm pretty sure normal people could whack one up in about five minutes flat, so here is what you need to give it a go.

 - Some broderie anglaise edging stuff. I knew I bought 13.7 metres of it for some reason. Mostly, that reason was that it cost a dollar, and I am an idiot when it comes to buying random but cheap craft supplies.

- Buttons. You'll only need one, but why buy just one when you can buy, like, a million?

- Thread. Just thread. Any colour, any type. Pull it through a needle and tie the two ends together so you've got double thread. Surely that doesn't require a photograph?

- Riesling. This is a CRUCIAL step. Do not miss it out, do not skimp on important materials. I don't care if your fabric works out to 7 cents a metre (like mine). Your wine *must* cost more than $10 per bottle. No jokes.

Then, ladidadida, the wine kicks in. Along the cut edge of the fabric, do a quick running stitch. That is, literally, in-out-in-out with the needle and thread.
Pull the thread. The fabric will scrunch up around it, and create your bloom. Chuck some stitches through the bunched-up bit to hold it together. Sew a button on top. Glue or sew a pin to the back.

Voila! You have a broderie bloom (well, YOU don't, I do, but you can make your own now).

Now, if those instructions didn't make sense, you clearly didn't follow my instruction about the riesling. However, it's not too late. Have a little more riesling, then drop me a note in the comments if you still need me to explain further!


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